an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident...


I’m an independent jewellery designer working with gold, silver and precious stones using traditional techniques.

Whilst I enjoy working with newly sourced metal and stones, my true passion is working with a piece of jewellery that has meaning, perhaps a piece left by a loved one, taking it and breathing life back into it.

With any piece I make, the privilege is all mine. It is such an honour when a customer asks me to make them an engagement band, a wedding ring, remodel a piece of jewellery, as if I step outside of my life and straight into theirs.

I saw, file, polish & solder every piece of jewellery using traditional silversmithing tools & techniques to achieve beautiful results. No casting or mass production so you really are buying something very special. Ring settings can be mounted on a band for skinny stacking and wide band modern settings or set down into the band for a more traditional look.

I love creativity & take inspiration from every thing I see! I’m a really random person when it comes to the bare facts. I love to name my pieces, to give them an identity, to tell a story. Sweet Dreams, this was one of the frequent designs that woke me frantically from sleep, clutching for a pen and paper. La Pelosa, an aquamarine ring named after the clearest, crystal blue sea I’ve ever seen. Little Satsuma, a small but very sweet orange sapphire stacking ring. Something Blue, a modern twist on an engagement ring, set with a striking natural blue diamond, I could go on and on and on.

Every piece is special without a single doubt. Some pieces tug my heart strings more than others. I always cry at sad (and happy) movies and often shed a little tear over a piece of my work. Strangely, given my (fading) red hair it’s rarely to do with temper or anger (though my children and dogs do inherently know when is a good time to ‘not bother’ me and when to ask for those new trainers!)

I hope you get the same immense pleasure from my pieces that I get from creating them! If you see anything that takes your fancy & would like to add your own spin - just get in touch...